Juliet Balcony Centre

Find your perfect balcony or balustrade from our range of steel and glass designs.

All direct from our workshop for a price you won’t beat anywhere! No hidden costs: prices include all parts, paint, fittings and VAT.

Many designs in stock for fast UK delivery. Open monday to saturday from 9am to 7pm.

Glass Balustrading

Franklyn design

photo: Franklyn Glass Balustrade

Rounded posts of marine grade tubular steel, with steel or oak handrails. £280 per metre.

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Square Post design

Photo: square post glass balustrade

Clean and modern design from just £220 per metre. Up to 3 weeks for build and delivery.

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Glass Juliet Balconies

Franklyn Glass Balcony

photo: Franklyn glass juliette balcony

Stylish glass balcony design without side braces. Up to 4 metres wide. Build & delivery in as little as 2 days.

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Hilton Glass Balcony

Slim aluminium design without a top rail. Can be mounted on external brickwork, stone or concrete, or fitted on a window or door.

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Mirage Glass Balcony

photo: Mirage glass balcony

Steel and glass balcony from £390 inc VAT. 10mm toughened glass, galvanised steel and stainless steel clamps

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Steel Juliet Balconies

Bently design

photo: Bently steel juliet balcony

Classic steel design - from £230 inc VAT. 1100mm high and 90mm deep.

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Bird design

photo: Bird ornate centre panel design of juliet balcony

A hand-forged balcony with an elegant detailed centre panel. From £430 inc VAT.

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Florence design

photo: Florence juliet balcony

New balcony design in the Italian style. Made to order from £430 inc VAT.

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Greek Key design

Our newest design of steel balcony. From £333 inc. VAT. Up to 3 weeks for build and delivery.

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Heritage design

photo: Heritage juliet balcony

A hand-forged steel balcony in the European design. Made to order from £480 inc VAT.

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Oxford design

photo: Oxford metal balcony

A very popular design and an attractive budget option, from just £80.

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Parisian design

photo: Parisian juliet balcony

The Parisian is a hand-forged steel balcony in a French style. Made to order, from £430 inc VAT.

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Sorrento design

photo: Sorrento juliet balcony

Special design in 'Top Rail' or 'Classic' styles. Made to order from £390 inc VAT.

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Vantage design

photo: Vantage juliet balcony railings

Contemporary design steel balcony from £260 inc VAT. Allow up to 3 weeks for build and delivery.

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Platform Balconies

Small Platforms

photo: small platform juliet balcony

Available in any design. Provides space for plants or to stand outside.

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Flat Roof Balcony

photo: flat roof balcony

A flat roof balcony provides safety, adds a touch of class and can provide some protection from the elements.

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