Balcony Fitting Instructions

Fitting and installation of your balcony

Your balcony will be delivered ready to install, complete with all fittings and bolt covers. They are designed to be easy to install by a builder, or experienced handyman or DIYer.

The main thing to bear in mind is that we can supply your balcony in any size, so that the fixing centres are located appropriately for your requirements.


Fixing to walls

The balconies can be fixed into brick, stone, paving or any similar material that will hold weight.

We recommend using a 10mm drill bit.

The fixings supplied with our Juliet balconies are 8mm x 70mm stainless steel coach screws. However, for a platform balcony we recommend a using a 10mm diameter threaded bar.

In certain circumstances, such as a tile-hung dormer conversion, it may be necessary to fasten the balcony to a door frame. This is a common application and requires a nut + bolt straight through the frame. If you tell us the depth of the frame we can supply the correct length of bolt with black or white plastic covers.

We can also supply clips for fitting glass balconies indoors.


Steel balcony transit pins

The two bolts at the bottom of your delivered balcony are there only to protect it during transport and should be discarded – see picture below









Franklyn glass balcony fitting instructions

The top rail is 1100mm above floor level.

The dimensions between the rails, inside face to inside face, is 1004mm.

There should be a 22mm gap between the glass and rail.

When fitting the glass, ensure that the glass is dry. Moisture can cause the glass to settle slightly after fitting.


The steel pin supplied with the clamps should be discarded – see picture below.









Flat roofs

If you want a balcony for a flat roof area – see our suggestion for flat roof balconies.



Your quality guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service we provide, simply return the unused goods to us within 2 weeks for an immediate replacement or refund. All balconies are Hot dip galvanised (to BS729) to prevent corrosion. Included are stainless steel fixings, black vinyl touch-up paint and plastic bolt covers to achieve a professional finish.