Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for all of the balconies we supply.


Design safety

There are no gaps greater than 99mm in any design (as per regulations to prevent the passage of a 100mm diameter sphere where children under 5 are likely to be present).



For Franklyn and Mirage balconies and balustrades, and Square Post balustrades, the glass is 10mm, toughened, heat soaked and kite marked.

It is strong, has good thermal resistance, and breaks into square fragments if broken. It is used in buildings for unframed assemblies (such as balustrades), structurally-loaded applications, and any other application that would become dangerous in the event of a human impact.



Franklyn balconies and balustrades are made from marine-grade 316 steel.

All other steel balconies are made from steel conforming to BS EN 10025. Hot-dip galvanised to ISO 1461:2009 to prevent corrosion.



All welds are to BS EN 1011-2.2001



Guarding to be capable of resisting a horizontal force of O.74KN/m minimum applied to the handrail, as outlined in Approved Document K, to be installed by specialist contractor.

Design load on each fixing =0.6kN (unfactored working load based on 1.5m wide structural opening size).

All stainless steel fixings supplied with balconies will perform to the same loading calculations.

Below you can see a loading test on two small platform balconies. As you can see, a load of 1 metric tonne plus the weight of two men does not take the balcony to failure.

The balconies shown are a 2m wide 300mm Bently platform, and a 1.5m wide 500mm Bently platform.

The fixings used here are 8mm x 70mm stainless steel coach screws which are supplied with our Juliet balconies. However, for a platform balcony we recommend a using a bigger 10mm diameter threaded bar.



Your quality guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service we provide, simply return the unused goods to us within 2 weeks for an immediate replacement or refund. All balconies are Hot dip galvanised (to BS729) to prevent corrosion. Included are stainless steel fixings, black vinyl touch-up paint and plastic bolt covers to achieve a professional finish.