‘Franklyn’ glass juliet balcony

‘Franklyn’ design glass balcony, from £490 inc VAT

Build and delivery in as little as 2 days

We can make any size to order up to 4 METRES WIDE

photo:'Franklyn' glass juliet balcony



A classic design of glass juliette balcony, the stylish Franklyn requires no side braces.

It is made from 10mm toughened glass, with 50mm tubular 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Clear glass is standard, or sand-blasted frosted/opaque privacy glass option (as in the photo below) is available for an additional £25 per metre.

photo: Juliet glass balcony with sand-blasted privacy glass



We can supply the exact size you require, up to 4 metres wide. (Wider custom builds are also possible, see photos below.)

As a guideline, add 300mm to the width of the window or opening. If you have questions about the correct size then we will help you when taking your order.

When ordering you can specify any length of stand-offs (connecting the balcony to the wall bracket) you require. For example you may want longer stand-offs if the brackets are to be fitted under tiles or insulation.


Franklyn Pricing

Pricing is £490 per metre. We can supply any specific size you require. The pricing tool below has an example range of balcony sizes up to 3m. We can accommodate larger orders however we will need to discuss bracket size directly with you, so over 3m please give us a call for a quote.

Clear glass is standard, or sand-blasted frosted/opaque privacy glass option is available for an additional £25 per metre.

Unlike most of our competitors, there are no other charges. All prices include VAT, fixtures and fittings, bolt covers, etc. All major cards accepted – no extra charge for credit card payments.


Build and delivery

We keep glass in stock so can build and deliver Franklyn balconies in as little as 2 days. It is delivered to your door, ready to be fitted.

Designed for easy fitting by a builder or experienced DIYer.

We are currently delivering items door-to-door ourselves or via agents.
Balcony delivery charges are:
£80 under 2000mm width
£125 from 2000mm to 3000mm width
£200 above 3000mm width (balconies this size we deliver ourselves).

For orders of more than one balcony it will cost considerably less per item.
You are also welcome to collect your balcony from our premises in Rochdale.

If you require delivery outside of the UK mainland please call us for a price.


Call 0161 241 9872 / 0792 935 8157 to order or get a quote – open until 7pm, monday to saturday.

Or email sales@crdirect.co.uk.


Your quality guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service we provide, simply return the unused goods to us within 2 weeks for an immediate replacement or refund. All balconies are hot-dip galvanised (to BS729) to prevent corrosion. Included are stainless steel fixings, touch-up paint and plastic bolt covers to achieve a professional finish.


Customer Photos

Wide Franklyn balcony with centre bracket

A 7.2m wide Franklyn balcony made possible by using a centre bracket, and below is the custom bracket we created for it.

Bespoke centre bracket for balcony

Franklyn glass juliet balcony fitted in 2022

photo:'Franklyn' glass juliette balcony
Franklyn Glass Juliette Balcony April 2016

Franklyn glass balcony South Lanarkshire

The 'Franklyn' juliette glass balcony

customer glass juliette balcony


A Franklyn balcony being installed in February 2016:


This Franklyn is side-fixed into the door reveal using end flanges:

photo: glass juliette balcony - inside reveal

photo: glass juliette balcony - end flange




  • Hilton Design - from £550

    Slim design without a top rail.

    Can be mounted on the external brickwork, stone or concrete, or fitted on the window or door frame.

    Suitable for wooden, plastic or aluminium frames.

    Full Product Details

  • photo: Mirage glass balcony

    Mirage Design - from £390

    Galvanised steel frame.

    Available in anthracite grey, graphite silver, white, black or any colour of your choice for an extra £25.

    10mm toughened glass, galvanised steel and stainless steel clamps

    Full Product Details

Glass Balustrades

The Franklyn design is also available as a Glass Balustrade. It is 1000mm high and any length can be made to order – the maximum width for each pane of glass is 1500mm.

Also see our Square Post Glass Balustrade system, 1100mm high and with optional opening glass door.


Call 0161 241 9872 / 0792 935 8157 to order or get a quote – open 9am to 7pm, monday to saturday.

Or email sales@crdirect.co.uk.